The Value and Benefits of Primate Medical Research

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Primate Medical Research

Located in Yemassee, South Carolina, Alpha Genesis, Inc., offers bio-research solutions centered on primates such as African green monkeys and rhesus macaques. Alpha Genesis, Inc., takes pride in undertaking nonhuman primate research that has a number of lifesaving benefits, as detailed by the Foundation for Biomedical Research.

Of the animals used in medical research, by far the largest number are rodents, with primates constituting less than 0.05 percent. Despite this, the health benefits of research using primates has been tremendous, with major breakthroughs including the development of the polio virus vaccine in the early 1950s. This primate research pathway has been replicated with HIV/AIDS, with the difference being that advancements in understanding of the disease have been accomplished in a decade, instead of over 40 years.

One reason this is possible is that humans share approximately 90 percent of their genes with monkeys. This means that the routes that viruses and other diseases take to penetrate immune system defenses are very similar. Much can be learned from studying primates within a humane lab environment. The primate research community highly values what monkeys offer and provides care for them that extends beyond veterinary science to encompass their psychological and social well-being.